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The WebInterface tab lets you customize the look and branding of the WebInterface a particular user sees.

At the time of this writing however, these settings only apply to the HTML interface in Crush5 and not the Flash interface. Cusotmizations to the flash interface are still coming soon.



The upload form will control if the user is prompted for additional information before a file upload can be done. This information is available in reports, or email events. The message option is a popup that will display when a user first logs in. This is useful in possibly making a custom disclaimer. The cut/copy/paste form is a form to ask additional information when pasting files.

The custom template file lets you customize the WebInterface with your own modified template.xsl file. This only affects the HTML interface.

Virtual domains allow you to lock a user into a specific directory based on the domain name they used to reach your WebInterface of your server. This may be useful if you use the same account but want different files displayed based on the domain they used.


Disallow directory listings lets you prevent CrushFTP from listing any directories when using the WebInterface. This is only really useful when combined with the serve HTML index.html files option. Using these two options turns CrushFTP into a typical web server. The enable server side include (SSI) will allow you to link in multiple files into one HTML file. (This like a header, footer, copyright, etc.)


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