This tab contains all the server configuration settings. There is a list of server items you have configured, along with the properties for each item to the right of the list. The special IP of "auto" tells CrushFTP to look up your correct external IP as an outside user would need. In rare cases you may want to change this, but there is almost never a reason to alter this. CrushFTP will automatically respond with the proper IP if a connection is coming from inside the network, or with the external IP if the connection is coming from outside the network.


Each server item can be set to use a specific server group for its users and groups. Clicking the button will let you choose a different one. By default, all server items are set the user the "MainUsers" collection. This means all users in that server group are being shared across all ports. The same logins works across different protocols. You can configure these server groups in the "User Config" tab.

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The special item @AutoHostHttp allows for a single server to dynamically switch its User Connection Group based on the domain name used to reach the server. This only works with HTTP(s). @AutoDomain on the other hand will take the domain name on a username and use it as the User Connection Group. So if "" was used, the User Connection Group would be "". If "" was used, then the User Connection Group would be "".

Each server item has an ip, port, and protocol assigned to it. There are further options on several of the protocols. Click on the advanced tab to see more options. The FTP protocol can have SSL, or TLS encryption enabled as an option for it. You can also force it to being required, but users with older FTP clients won't be able to connect.

HTTP/HTTPS can block WebDAV connections, redirect HTTP to HTTPS servers, and set the ReverseProxy path (only valid for HTML mode.)

The TrustHeaders allow for integration with SSO solutions like SiteMinder.

The SSL Options here are the same as the global SSL options on the encryption page.

The Command Delay Interval allows a small pause to be put in between each FTP command to slow down clients that just hammer the server too much.


The require valid client certificate is when you are doing client certificate based authentication. This is where you as the server owner are generating public keys that you distribute to your clients and they must use this key for authentication.

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