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This plugin allows you to delegate access to OAuth ( providers. On the CrushFTP's login page next to the login button will appear the enabled provider's "Signed in" button".
Currently Google Sign-In(Google Sign in Configuration), Microsoft Sign-In(Microsoft Sign in Configuration), Azure Active Directory B2C Sign in(Azure Active Directory B2C Configuration) and Amazon Cognito Sign in(Amazon Cognito Configuration) are supported.

It only works through HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
First configure an HTTP(S) port item with OAuth Sign In configuration.

Supported types:

1. Google Sign-In

See Google Sign in Configuration

2. Microsoft Sign-In

See Microsoft Sign in Configuration

3. Azure Active Directory B2C

See Azure Active Directory B2C Configuration

4. Amazon Cognito

See Amazon Cognito Configuration

Plugin Settings

1. Username matching -> It filters the OAuth user name (Google Auth: email address, Microsoft Auth: user principal name). Allow multiple values separated by a comma. Domain filter is allowed (like *

2. Allowed authentication types: Google Sign-In, Microsoft Sign-In, Azure Active Directory B2C Sign in and Amazon Cognito Sign. Configure the sign-in button on HTTP(S) server.

a. Skip OTP processing: CrushOAuth plugin is not compatible with OTP Settings as IDP (identity provider) can have its own two-factor authentication. Turning the flag to true will skip OAuth users from CrushFTP's OTP process.
b. Remove email suffix from username: It removes the email suffix of the user name. Like username "" will be "my_user".
c. Get Cognito user info: Gets more info about Amazon Cognito users (like custom attributes). It is related only to Amazon Cognito Sign in.

4. OAuth only used for Authentication (User Manager defines user's access.) -> If users already exist in CrushFTP's User Manager, you can use the CrushOAuth plugin just for authentication.

5. Template Username -> The signed-in user inherits not just the settings, but the VFS items too (as Linked VFS).
Import settings from CrushFTP user -> The signed-in user inherits just the settings from this user. It must have a value! Default value would be : default -> the default user of CrushFTP

6 OAuth Roles -> You can configure different Template Users (see 5.) based on IDP's (identity provider) attributes.
IDP Attribute examples:

Google Sign-In:
email_verified, idp_user_info, given_name, family_name, email_verified, group

Microsoft Sign-In:
mail, idp_user_info, displayName, jobTitle, businessPhones, mobilePhone, officeLocation, group

Amazon Cognito Sign-in:
email, username, identities, cognito:username, cognito:groups, custom:<<defined custom attributes>>
Role examples :

<<IDP attribute name>>=<<IDP attribute value>>,<<IDP attribute name>>=<<IDP attribute value>> : tmeplate user name


IDP attribute value: Exact match, Simple Match (like **), Regex match (like REGEX:<<the regular expression>>), if the value is an array you can reference only one of the array element (exact match only). Like (IDP Attribute value -> groups:["group1","group2"] -> you can match with group1)

7. VFS-related settings -> You can set custom VFS for CrushOAuth users.



1. Configure your OAuth Sign In settings on the DMZ's HTTP(S) port item.
2. Configure the same OAuth Sign In settings on the Internal (Main) HTTP(S) port item. This port item must match with the port item configured at the DMZ template user's VFS. (See DMZ)


3. Configure the OAuth plugin only on the Internal (Main) instance. !!!Do not configure the OAuth plugin on the DMZ too. See Plugin Settings on the current page.

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