CrushFTP 10.4.0_19+ can now act as a SOCKS5 proxy. This includes user/pass* authentication or anonymous SOCKS5 connections.

To allow SOCKS5 support, you must have a few things setup for this.
1.) You must have an enterprise license.
2.) You must have a dedicated port for this.
3.) You must enable the "SOCKS" protocol in the User Manager on the usernames you want to allow SOCKS5 support for. If you wish to allow anonymous, enable it on the "anonymous" user. (Use quick filter and filter for 'protocols'.)
4.) You can configure Allowed/Blocked destination SOCKS proxy hosts / IPs in the User Manager on the user profile. Default is to allow all. (Use quick filter for 'SOCKS')
5.) You should enable the "SOCKS_PROXY" logging flag in Preferences, Logging, Advanced.
6.) Point your SOCKS5 client at your new SOCKS5 port.

* Kerberos and other auth methods are not and will not be supported.

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