You will start at the API credentials manager:

You first need to make a project. My example calls this CrushFTP-Test.

Next select create credentials, and choose the Web Application type.


Configure the Authorized JavaScript origins. Like protocol://dns_or_ip:port. Without a trailing slash or it will complain.
Provide the Redirect URL too. The location where Google sends back the Id token (Id Token : That will be used for the authentication of the google user).

Copy the Client ID that will be required to integrate the Google Sing-In Button.

Integrate Google Sign-In button


Go to the Preferences-> Ip/Servers and select the HTTP or HTTPS port item(OAuth Sign in Tab) where you want to enable the Google Sing-In button. Check the "Enable Google Sign in" flag and provide the Client ID of you Google project(mentioned above).


!!!Continue on: CrushOAuth

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