OK, here is how to do this. Place the disclaimer in a file called "disclaimer.html" and put it in the WebInterface folder of CrushFTP.

Make a new form in the server preferences WebInterface, and add two fields.

The first item must be a label enter name for label as "disclaimerPage", keep left text empty or enter "Disclaimer", Enter this for right text entry :


You can change page height by changing 400px to your required value, you'll see live preview of your form with disclaimer page loaded.

The second item is 1 checkbox.

Checkbox wording is: "I confirm I have read and agree to the terms."

Require this item.

That's it. Once you scroll to the bottom, you get the checkbox that you must check to be able to click "OK" or else the OK button will tell you you must check it.

The magic is in the "script" that is the left text of the label. This script loads the disclaimer and inserts it in place of the "Disclaimer" static text. It then enables scrolling vertically, and hides horizontal scrolling. Sets the height, and its done.

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