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Here are some instructions on how to setup a virtual server for CrushFTP from This was for CentOS, 1GB of RAM, $10 per month. They take about 1 minute to have the server available for use.
First, you need to use the OS X Terminal, or a SSH program like Putty on Windows to get connected to the server to set it up.
Enter your password when prompted. Answer 'yes' if asked to accept the SSH key. You are now connected and can do all the below commands.

Become the root user if you aren't already from the initial connection. Enter your password when prompted.


Install java.

yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk
For some other distros, this may be the proper command:
apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Wait for install to progress, answer "y" when prompted.

Get in the folder where we want to download CrushFTP.

cd /var/opt/

Download CrushFTP.


Unzip it.


Delete zip file.


Answer "y" when prompted to delete the zip file.

Now go into the CrushFTP folder.

cd CrushFTP10

Make the CrushFTP script executable.

chmod +x

Generate a remote admin user to access crushftp externally.

java -jar CrushFTP.jar -a "crushadmin" "password"

Install the daemon.

./ install

If that fails because it says it can't find Java, then you may need to edit the script file and set the java command location. For example, if you used Java 11, you may need to set java to be: /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk/jre/bin/java

The lines below only apply to some CentOS systems, not all.

Disable plesk panels so the ports are free for CrushFTP.

/sbin/service httpd stop
/sbin/chkconfig httpd off

Manage Your Server#

CrushFTP is now running as a service on your virtual server. Use your web browser now and pull up the WebInterface to register CrushFTP with your license, and start adding users.

Login as your "crushadmin" user from above with your password, then click on the "Admin" button.

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