Enterprise licenses have the ability to distribute a managed agent that the central CrushFTP server can then execute jobs on. This feature also requires the latest CrushClient as of June 11th 2021, versions 1.6.4 and higher.

This is done with the CrushClient software. You configure the client to have the managed agent configuration pointed at your server.

The CrushClient software will register itself on the central server.
Now the administrator can create a job to execute on the CrushClient agent machine. This is done via the Jobs tab. Create a new Job that points to paths on the agent machine. I'm referring to this as the inner job.

Save the job.
Now make the parent job which will send this job over to be executed. This job only needs a Link task, and the Link task specifies the inner job it will be running with its "route connection through DMZ" selection.

The Link task has an additional menu item to select the managed agent machine of where to send the linked job to (the inner job we created earlier).


"ben_home" is the name of the agent from our initial agent configuration that has now shown up in the menu.

Now when you run the job, you can see the activity in the log file...but not on the actual job flow. The log will show the start of the run, and the entire log of the results from the run. See the example log sample below.


A few task items are excluded form functioning when executed as a remote agent.
They are: AS2, Link, Preview, UsersList

Installing as a service:

java -jar CrushTunnel.jar
service remove client
service client
Be sure to copy over your configured and valid prefs.XML to the CrushTunnel.jar folder so it can find it at launch.
Copy the file:
or for macOS:
to "prefs.XML" in the same folder as CrushTunnel.jar

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