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CrushFTP has two modes of licenses, either 'normal' or 'enterprise' licenses.

Normal Licenses allow for most things in CrushFTP, and you get email support. But there are some features reserved only for enterprise licenses as the features are targeted towards that type of environment.

Enterprise Licenses
-Expedited Support: If you have an issue, or bug that needs addressing, it becomes the top priority over normal license requests.
-Free Upgrades: If your yearly maintenance is current, you get any major upgrades to CrushFTP that normally would have had upgrade fees.
-Phone Support: Depending on the license level, you have emergency support during installation, or ongoing technical support for the year.
Enterprise Features
-The CrushTunnel can be used for overcoming bandwidth limitations imposed by network latency. This high speed file transfer allows full speed transmissions across the ocean, or continents. Its integrated into the web browser, can be run stand alone, or even embedded into your own applications. For instance you could have a high speed proxy setup that when people connect through it, they get a secure connection to your server at higher bandwidth.

-Jobs scheduling and monitoring allows you to run specific task actions on a schedule, or manually. These could do things like picking up files from a remote server, PGP encrypting them, and sending them on to another remote server. It could also do custom native executable execution to process files found, or archive files. Its extremely customizable and flexible. You can monitor the output of the tasks to see their current progress, pause, resume, and cancel them.

-CrushTask Jump Conditionals allows you to make tasks more complex and conditionally jump to other tasks based on the result from other actions.

-Radius Authentication plugin allows you to authenticate against a Radius server to validate user credentials.

-CrushSync allows for realtime file monitoring and synchronizations through the CrushFTP server. When a user makes a change, that change is send to the server, and other users subscribed to it get that change replicated on their end.

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