CrushDrive CrushSync Cloud Sync Providers
Data Ownership Own your data Own your data Third party holds the data and promises to be careful...
Storage Fees No fees No fees Pay per GB of data stored
Connection LAN / WAN LAN / WAN WAN Only
Data Location Server Only Local / Server Local / Server
Web Access Yes Yes Yes
Access Restrictions Yes Yes Limited
Bandwidth Acceleration Yes Yes No
Encrypted / Secure Yes Yes Yes
Users Accessing Server Users you create Users you create Millions of unrelated users sharing access on the same server...
AD/LDAP Integration Yes Yes No
Support Direct email, emergency telephone 24x7 Direct email, emergency telephone 24x7 Often forum based, non committal, slow response times...

* This comparison table is meant to illustrate some of the areas not normally mentioned about cloud providers. The key issue is that you trust your data on a third party who maintains a policy to keep your data safe, and promises to be good about how they handle your data.

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