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The new CrushFTP 5 WebInterface sports many new features. Most items are now accessed with a right click menu on any file or folder, or on a selection of multiple items.
The WebInterface includes many features. Most features are accessed via a right click, or using the button bar at the top. You can control the names of these buttons, order, and inclusion on right click or menu bar in the user manager, WebInterface, Buttons section.
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You can force a file to be downloaded rather than opened in the browser, you can double click to open up a quick preview of an item, you can add keywords to files, you can search and filter on those keywords, you can do a tree view and drill down into folders, or you can do a thumbnail tile view to see files listed that way as well.
Image and movie files can have thumbnails generated for them so users get a quick preview of the item. You can allow for slideshows too so users can see larger versions of items.
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There are two views for the WebInterface, either TreeView or Thumbnail view.
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