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The WebInterface can be customized using the Customizations list. You can change colors, hide columns, and affect many different aspects all over the WebInterface.
The login page can be localized using the Preferences, Webinterface, Custom javascript.
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There is also a custom javascript section where you can add your own custom javascript to be executed. You would use this to change the localizations to another language, or to adjust other aspects of the WebInterface. Here is an example allowing you to edit the PoweredBy and Copyright text.
window.showLanguageSelection = true; //true/false
window.showLanguageSelectionPos = "left"; //left/right
window.saveLanguageSelectionInCookie = true; //true/false
window.defaultWILanguage = "en"; //any one from : en,cs,da,nl,fr,de,hu,it,pl,es
window.detectBrowserLanguage = true; //true/false
At line 5 changed one line
This section is in the user manager, use the quick jump to get to the WebInterface area, or click Show All to see hidden inherited items.
Text strings for the login page can be changed in the Webinterface/localization/ folder files.
At line 7 removed 3 lines
At line 11 changed 4 lines
localizations.CopyrightText = "&copy; 2010 <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">CrushFTP</a>";
localizations.PoweredByText = "Powered by <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">CrushFTP</a>";
/*Login page specific*/
localizations.BadLoginInfoText = "Your username, or password may be incorrect, or the account may have expired.";
localizations.ServerErrorInfoText = "The server is unavailable or your IP has been banned.";
localizations.PasswordsDoNotMatchAlertText = "New passwords don't match.";
localizations.LoginAgainTitleText = "Please login again";
localizations.LoginWithNewPassText = "Login with new password";
localizations.AuthenticatingMsgText = "Authenticating...";
localizations.LoginSuccessText = "Success";
localizations.LoadingWebInterfaceText = "Loading WebInterface...";
localizations.LoginWarningText = "Warning";
localizations.MultipleBadLoginsAlertDescText = "Too many failed attempts and your IP will be banned.\r\n\r\n{msg}<br><br><div style='font-size:13px;font-weight:normal;'>Click <a style='color:white;' href='/WebInterface/jQuery/reset.html'>here</a> to reset password.</div>";
localizations.LoginFailedText = "Login Failed";
localizations.ChangePasswordGrowlTitleText = "Change Password";
localizations.UserNameText = "Username";
localizations.PasswordText = "Password";
localizations.LoginButtonText = "Login";
localizations.ForgotPasswordLinkText = "I forgot my password, email it to me.";
localizations.ChangePasswordHeaderText = "Change your password";
localizations.ChangePasswordNoteText = "You must change your password to continue";
localizations.CurrentPasswordText = "Current Password : ";
localizations.NewPasswordText = "New Password : ";
localizations.ConfirmPasswordText = "Confirm Password : ";
localizations.CancelButtonText = "Cancel";
localizations.ChanngePasswordButtonText = "Change Password";
localizations.GeneratePasswordButtonText = "Generate password";
localizations.GeneratePasswordUseButtonText = "Use this";
localizations.GeneratePasswordCancelButtonText = "Cancel";
localizations.OldBrowserNoticeHTMLAsText = 'Your browser is out of date, it was released almost a decade ago! As a result it is very slow, full of bugs, and this WebInterface may or may not even work with IE6.<br><br><div style="text-align:right;"><button id="proceedAnyway">Proceed Anyway Cautiously</button> or get a better browser:<a href="">Chrome</a> | <a href="">FireFox</a></div>';
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If your wondering where you can put this customization, look at your user manager, edit the default user, and click the 'Show All' button. Then go down to the WebInterface section, Custom Javascript section.
Changing the default link on the logo can be done from the custom javascript section too:
At line 20 removed 11 lines
[German Customizations]\\
[Danish Customizations]\\
[Dutch Customizations]\\
[French Customizations]\\
[Hungarian Customizations]\\
[Italian Customizations]\\
[Polish Customizations]\\
Here is a full list of items that could be modified. You just have to add them into the above example accordingly. The syntax is important as making changes here will affect the WebInterface.
At line 32 changed 10 lines
localizations.FilterText = "Filter:";
localizations.ClearFilterLinkText = "Clear";
localizations.FileCounterItemsText = "Items";
localizations.FileCounterFoldersText = "Folders";
localizations.FileCounterFilesText = "Files";
localizations.FileCounterHiddenItemsText = "Hidden Items";
localizations.ThumbnailViewLinkText = "Thumbnail View";
localizations.TreeViewLinkText = "Tree View";
localizations.BackToTopLinkText = "Back to top";
At line 43 changed one line
localizations.NothingSelectedGrowlText = "Nothing selected";
The WebInterface after login can be customized using the Customizations list. You can change colors, hide columns, and affect many different aspects all over the WebInterface.
At line 45 changed one line
localizations.ShareNothingSelectedGrowlText = "Nothing selected to share";
There is also a custom javascript section where you can add your own custom javascript to be executed. You would use this to change the localizations to another language, or to adjust other aspects of the WebInterface. Here is an example allowing you to edit the PoweredBy and Copyright text.
At line 47 changed one line
localizations.RenameNothingSelectedGrowlText = "Nothing selected to rename";
This section is in the user manager, use the quick jump to get to the WebInterface area, or click Show All to see hidden inherited items. Buttons can either be changed here in this file, or directly in the user manager, buttons section.
At line 49 changed 2 lines
localizations.ProblemWhileRenamingGrowlText = "Problem while renaming";
localizations.ProblemWhileRenamingDescGrowlText = "There was a problem while renaming. Please retry. Error : ";
At line 52 changed 217 lines
localizations.ProblemWhileSharingGrowlText = "Problem while sharing";
localizations.ProblemWhileSharingDescGrowlText = "There was a problem while sharing a file. Please retry";
localizations.DirectLinkDescGrowlText = "Right click on item and click on copy direct link";
localizations.UpdateKeywordDescGrowlText = "Right click on item and click on update keywords";
localizations.QuickViewNothingToShowGrowlText = "Error : Nothing to show in quick view";
localizations.QuickViewNoItemsAvailableGrowlText = "No items available";
localizations.ProblemWhileDeletingGrowlText = "Problem while deleting";
localizations.ProblemWhileDeletingDescGrowlText = "There was a problem while deleting. Please retry. Error : ";
localizations.ProblemWhileCreatingFolderGrowlText = "Problem while creating new folder";
localizations.ProblemWhileCreatingFolderDescGrowlText = "There was a problem while creating new folder. Please retry. Error : ";
localizations.JavaRequiredGrowlText = "Java Required";
localizations.JavaRequiredDescGrowlText = "Java must be installed for the advanced functions to work.<br/><br/>Please go to: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\" class=\"whiteError\"></a>";
localizations.JavaAppletNotLoadedGrowlText = "Java Applet Not Loaded";
localizations.JavaAppletNotLoadedDescGrowlText = "You must first click the 'Advanced Browse...' button before drag and drop will be enabled.";
//Sharing Window
localizations.ShareWindowHeaderText = "Share";
localizations.ShareWindowFilesSharingLabelText = "Sharing :";
localizations.ShareWindowShareTypeLabelText = "Share type :";
localizations.ShareWindowSendEmailLabelText = "Send Email :";
localizations.ShareWindowExpiresLabelText = "Expires :";
localizations.ShareWindowFromLabelText = "From : ";
localizations.ShareWindowToLabelText = "To : ";
localizations.ShareWindowCCLabelText = "CC : ";
localizations.ShareWindowBCCLabelText = "BCC : ";
localizations.ShareWindowSubjectLabelText = "Subject : ";
localizations.ShareWindowBodyLabelText = "Body : ";
localizations.ShareWindowAdvancedLabelText = "Advanced";
localizations.ShareWindowAttachThumbsLabelText = "Attach Thumbnail";
localizations.ShareWindowAccessLabelText = "Full Access (read, write, delete) ";
localizations.ShareWindowSendButtonText = "Send";
localizations.ShareWindowCancelButtonText = "Cancel";
localizations.ShareActionCompleteUsernameText = "Username: ";
localizations.ShareActionCompletePasswordText = "Password: ";
localizations.ShareActionCompleteLinkText = "Link";
localizations.ShareActionCompleteOkButtonText = "Ok";
//Copy direct link window
localizations.CopyLinkWindowHeaderText = "Copy direct link.";
//Create folder window
localizations.CreateFolderWindowHeaderText = "Create new folder.";
localizations.CreateFolderInputDefaultFolderName = "New Folder";
localizations.CreateFolderWindowNavigateToFolderCheckboxText = "Navigate to the folder after creation ";
localizations.CreateFolderButtonText = "Create";
//Browser uploader window
localizations.BrowserUploaderAdvancedUploadingSpeedText = "Current Speed : ";
localizations.BrowserUploaderAdvancedUploadingAverageSpeedText = "Avg. Speed : ";
localizations.BrowserUploaderAdvancedUploadingTimeText = "<div class='time'> Time: Elapsed: <span class='elapsed'>{0}</span> <span class='remained'>, Remaining : {1}</span></div>";
localizations.BrowserUploaderAlertWhileNavigatingAwayMsgText = "Your file(s) are currently uploading. If you navigate away from this page you will lose them. Are you sure you want to exit this page?";
//New upload bar localizations
localizations.browseFileLabelByClass = "Add files...";
localizations.advancedUploadResumeLabelByClass = "Resume";
localizations.filesToUploadQueueWindowHeader = "Files to upload";
localizations.uploadWindowStartUploadingByClass = "Start Uploading";
localizations.uploadWindowCancelUploadingByClass = "Cancel Uploading";
localizations.uploadWindowClearUploadedByClass = "Clear uploaded";
localizations.uploadWindowOverwriteAllByClass = "Overwrite all";
localizations.uploadWindowRemoveAllWithErrorsByClass = "Remove all with errors";
localizations.uploadWindowSummaryFilesByClass = "Files : ";
localizations.uploadWindowSummarySizeByClass = ", Upload size : ";
localizations.globalProgressbarSkipLabelByClass = "Skip";
localizations.globalProgressbarPauseLabelByClass = "Pause";
localizations.globalProgressbarStopLabelByClass = "Stop";
window.locale.fileupload.errors.fileAvailableInSelectedFolder = "File already added to upload in the same folder";
window.locale.fileupload.errors.fileExistOnServer = "File exist on server";
window.locale.fileupload.errors.fileBiggerThanAllowed = "File is bigger than allowed size";
window.locale.fileupload.errors.dirNoWritable = "You can not upload to this directory";
window.locale.fileupload.error = "Error";
window.locale.fileupload.start = "Start";
window.locale.fileupload.reupload = "Re-Upload";
window.locale.fileupload.cancel = "Cancel";
window.locale.fileupload.destroy = "Delete";
window.locale.fileupload.overwrite = "Overwrite";
window.locale.fileupload.uploadTo = "Upload to : ";
window.locale.fileupload.pause = "Pause";
window.locale.fileupload.errorLabel = "Error : ";
window.locale.fileupload.details = "Details";
window.locale.fileupload.SwitchToNormalUpload = "Switch to Normal Upload";
localizations.uploadWindowUploadTypeSwitchSetTitleClass = window.locale.fileupload.SwitchToAdvancedUpload = "Switch to Advanced Upload";
//Search window
localizations.SearchWindowHeaderText = "Search";
localizations.SearchWindowKeywordsLabelText = "Keywords :";
localizations.SearchWindowExactLabelText = "Exact?";
localizations.SearchWindowByClassModifiedLabelText = "Modified";
localizations.SearchWindowByClassDateFormatLabelText = "(mm/dd/yyyy) ";
localizations.SearchWindowSizeLabelText = "Size is ";
localizations.SearchWindowTypeLabelText = "Type is a";
localizations.SearchWindowSizeLabelText = "Size is ";
localizations.SearchWindowSizeUnitLabelText = "(Kilobytes)";
localizations.SearchWindowSearchButtonText = "Start Search";
localizations.SearchWindowCancelButtonText = "Cancel";
localizations.SearchResultDisplayText = "Search Result:";
localizations.SearchResultClearLinkText = "(Clear Search Filter)";
localizations.SearchFormModifiedOptionAfterText = "After";
localizations.SearchFormModifiedOptionBeforeText = "Before";
localizations.SearchFormSizeOptionBiggerThanText = "Bigger Than";
localizations.SearchFormSizeOptionSmallerThanText = "Smaller Than";
localizations.SearchFormItemTypeOptionFileText = "File";
localizations.SearchFormItemTypeOptionFolderText = "Folder";
//User options window
localizations.UserOptionsWindowHeaderText = "Preferences";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowHideItemsStartWithDotLabelText = "Hide '.' Items ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowHideCheckboxLabelText = "Hide Checkbox Column ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowHideFilterLabelText = "Hide Filter Section ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowAutostartUploadLabelText = "When choosing file to upload, auto start upload. ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowLoadJavaAppletLabelText = "When loading the interface, load the Java applet.";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowDisableCompressionLabelText = "Disable compression on the Java applet. ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordHeaderText = "Change your password ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordCurPassLabelText = "Current Password: ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordNewPassLabelText = "New Password: ";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordConfirmPassLabelText = "Confirm Password:";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordButtonText = "Change Password";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordGenerateRandomButtonText = "Generate random password";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordGenerateRandomUseItLinkText = "Use this";
localizations.UserOptionsWindowChangePasswordGenerateRandomCancelLinkText = "Cancel";
//Main checkbox context menu options
localizations.MainCheckboxContextMenuToggleText = "Toggle";
localizations.MainCheckboxContextMenuCheckAllText = "Check All";
localizations.MainCheckboxContextMenuUncheckAllText = "Un-check All";
//Keywords window
localizations.KeywordsWindowHeaderText = "Keywords";
localizations.KeywordsWindowUpdateLinkText = "Update";
localizations.KeywordsWindowCancelLinkText = "Cancel";
//File basket
localizations.BasketHeaderText = "Files in the Basket";
localizations.BasketClearAllLinkText = "Clear all";
localizations.BasketDownloadLinkText = "Download Basket";
localizations.BasketDownloadAdvancedLinkText = "Download Basket Advanced";
localizations.BasketNoFilesAvailableText = "No Files Available";
localizations.BasketRemoveLinkText = "Remove";
localizations.BasketTotalItemText = "Total {0} item(s)";
localizations.BasketFileAddedAlreadyText = "File added already to the basket";
localizations.BasketFileAddedAlreadyDetailsText = "Selected file is already available in the basket";
localizations.BasketNothingSelectedToAddText = "Nothing selected to add to basket";
localizations.BasketNothingSelectedToAddDetailsText = " ";
//Paste form panel
localizations.PasteFormHeaderText = "Paste";
localizations.PasteFormResetButtonText = "Reset";
localizations.PasteFormPasteButtonText = "Paste";
localizations.PasteFormErrorHeaderText = "Problem while pasting";
localizations.PasteFormErrorDetailsText = "There was a problem while pasting items.<br />Error : {0}";
localizations.PasteFormErrorNothingToPasteText = "There is nothing to paste";
//Welcome form panel
localizations.WelcomeFormHeaderText = "Welcome";
localizations.WelcomeFormOkButtonText = "OK";
//Slideshow popup
localizations.SlideshowPopupHeaderText = "Slideshow";
//Manage Share window
localizations.ManageShareWindowHeaderText = "Manage Shares";
localizations.ManageShareWindowRefreshLinkText = "Refresh";
localizations.ManageShareWindowDeleteSelectedLinkText = "Delete Selected Items";
localizations.ManageShareWindowGridToLabelText = "To";
localizations.ManageShareWindowGridCCLabelText = "CC";
localizations.ManageShareWindowGridCreatedLabelText = "Created";
localizations.ManageShareWindowGridExpiresLabelText = "Expires";
localizations.ManageShareWindowGridSharedItemsLabelText = "Shared Items";
localizations.ManageShareWindowGridDownloadsLabelText = "Downloads";
//Rename widndow and panel
localizations.RenameWindowHeaderText = "Rename";
localizations.RenamePanelSaveLinkText = "Save";
localizations.RenamePanelCancelLinkText = "Cancel";
//Tooltip info
localizations.TooltipNameLabelText = "Name";
localizations.TooltipSizeLabelText = "Size";
localizations.TooltipModifiedLabelText = "Modified";
localizations.TooltipKeywordsLabelText = "Keywords";
//Form alerts and notifications
localizations.FormValidationFailText = "One or more required items are not entered or not entered properly. Enter proper value for the items with * in below form";
localizations.DeleteConfirmationMessageText = "Total {0} folder(s) and {1} file(s) will be deleted.\n\nItems: {2} Once deleted it can not revert back";
localizations.CopyActionGrowlText = "Total {0} folder(s) and {1} file(s) copied.";
localizations.CutActionGrowlText = "Total {0} folder(s) and {1} file(s) cut.";
//Treeview header items
localizations.TreeviewHeaderNameText = "Name";
localizations.TreeviewHeaderSizeText = "Size";
localizations.TreeviewHeaderModifiedText = "Modified";
localizations.TreeviewHeaderKeywordsText = "Keywords";
//Selection menu items
localizations.SelectItemOptionLinkText = "Select"
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuToggleText = "Toggle";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckAllText = "All items";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuUncheckAllText = "None";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckAllFilesText = "All files";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckAllFoldersText = "All folders";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckItemsWithDotText = "Items starting with \".\"";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckTodayText = "Modified today";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckWeekText = "Modified this week";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheckMonthText = "Modified this month";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheck2MonthsText = "Modified in last 60 days";
localizations.SelectCheckboxContextMenuCheck3MonthsText = "Modified in last 90 days";
// Page size selection menu item.
localizations.PageSizeSelectionLinkText = "Show {0} items on page"
//Webinterface labels
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At line 70 added 7 lines
If you're wondering where you can put this customization, edit the WebInterface/localization/countrycode.js folder. This particular folder is safe from updates and changes you make to it will not be lost. Any other item you edit will be overwritten, and there is no scenario that requires altering any of the built in files in the WebInterface folder. If you think you need to, ask us, and we will tell you why you don't, and how to do what your needing to do in a safe manner.
Here is a full list of items that could be modified. You just have to add them into the above example accordingly. The syntax is important as making changes here will affect the WebInterface.\\
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