The admin checkboxes control mostly what SITE commands a FTP client can issue to the server. These SITE commands have specific features they do. Some are considered of historical importance in v10, since administration is to be done over the Web based GUI.

Gets you the current server version.
Lists currently connected sessions.
KICK (session id)
Kick a user session. Use the USERS SITE command to get the session list. Context menu option available on Dashboard.
KICKBAN (session id)
Kick user session and consecutively ban user IP. Use the USERS SITE command to get the session list. Context menu option available on Dashboard.
PASS (password)
allows you to change your password. Client UI option available in the "User options" menu.
makes all dir listings end everything with a .zip extension so a GUI client can understand the list and download an item as if it were a .zip file.
shows or hides items starting with a dot as the first character.
kills the CrushFTP server as soon as this user logs out.
CHMOD 777 (filename)
changes the Unix permissions on a file.
CHOWN (user) (filename)
changes the unix owner on a file.
CHGRP (user) (filename)
changes the unix owner on a file.
Allow passwords to be emailed
controls if the login page of the WebInterface will email this user their password.
Allow Web Proxy / Adhoc proxy
controls if a built in proxy mode CrushFTP has can be used by this user, and if they can generate their own proxy connections.

Remote Server Administration (everything)
allows this user to connect to do remote administration of the server. The option gives them full access to all server settings and User Manager, all user accounts. When this option is un-set, enables the Setup Roles button, to configure various Limited Admin or specific user group- Restricted Admin roles.

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