This feature allows to create and use port forwarding mode SSH tunnel sessions just like with OpenSSH.

Configuration steps:

1.) add an SSH tunnel instance on Preferences ->Tunnels page, user configurable. Port number doesn't really matter, not used.

2.) assign that tunnel instance to a user account in User Manager Tunnels section

3.) connect with openssh tunnel mode no console

ssh -v -N -L 8888:localhost:8080 testtunnel@ -oPort=2222

where you will replace ,as per your specific settings, the IPs\hostnames and port numbers as necessary:

is the local port number you will connect to with a browser like
is the remote forward IP or host name we tell the ssh (Crush server) to connect the tunneled port . This example is a loopback tunnel to the Crush server itself, we connect to the HTTP port 8080 listener on the same host.
is the remote port to tunnel to
is the Crush server's publicly accessible IP
is the Crush server's publicly accessible SFTP port
is the tunnel user login name.

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