CrushFTP has stand alone client side apps that handle various functionalities.

CrushClient - Generic file transfer application that supports command line scripting, multithreaded transfers, resume, error recovery, folders, high speed tunneling, differential transfers (similar to rsync), and many different protocols. macOS/Windows/Linux.

CrushClient Mobile apps - Similar to the above desktop client on IOS and Android

CrushSync - (Enterprise only) Local agent monitoring a folder and synchronizing any changes to the server in realtime, and pulling down any changes from other people who have synchronized too.

CrushTunnel - (Enterprise only) Local agent app that creates a sort of VPN tunnel to your server. Clients connecting through the VPN tunnel get high speed transfers over high latency connections.

CrushDrop (formerly attachment redirector) - (Enterprise only) Local agent running in your menu bar / systray that will upload files dropped in it to the server, create a share link, and pop open an email with the link ready to go. This avoids sending large files via email offloading them to your CrushFTP server.

CrushFTPDrive - (Enterprise only) Local agent that allows you to map or mount a drive to your CrushFTP server. Useful for having a native drive you can copy to and from for file transfer instead of using another client or web browser. Some applications can even work directly on the drive to open / save documents.

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