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Here are some instructions on how to setup a virtual server for CrushFTP from This was for CentOS, 1GB of RAM, $30 per month. They take about a day to have the server available for use.
Become root user. Enter your password when prompted.

Install java.

yum install java

Wait for install to progress, answer "y" when prompted.

Download CrushFTP.


Unzip it.


Delete zip file.


Answer "y" when prompted to delete the zip file.

Move the folder to the proper location.

mv CrushFTP5_PC/ /var/opt/CrushFTP5_PC

cd /var/opt/CrushFTP5_PC/ Make the CrushFTP script executable.

chmod +x

Generate a remote admin user to access crushftp externally.

java -jar CrushFTP.jar -a "remoteadmin" "mypassword"

Add a sym link for auto startup.

ln -s /etc/init.d/crushftp

Add CrushFTP as a service, start it, and enable it for auto start at bootup.

/sbin/chkconfig --add crushftp
/sbin/service crushftp start
/sbin/chkconfig crushftp on

Disable godaddy panels so the ports are free for CrushFTP.

/sbin/chkconfig tomcat55 off
/sbin/chkconfig turbopanel off
/sbin/chkconfig httpd off
/sbin/service tomcat55 stop
/sbin/service turbopanel stop
/sbin/service httpd stop

Manage Your Server#

CrushFTP is now running as a service on your virtual server hosted by GoDaddy. Use your web browser now and pull up the GUI to register CrushFTP with your license, and start adding users.

Login as your "remoteadmin" user from above with your password, then click on the "Admin" button.

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