These are useful for email events, and possibly some custom messages.

Every item in the user's user.xml file can be referenced with a "{user_<tag-name>}". This is the first area it attempts to match with variables that start with "{user_".

Specific to an event inside of the <LINE></LINE> tags.
{all}  (a raw dump of the item's info.)
{the_file_size} and {size} 
{size_formatted} human friendly version of {size}
{path1}  (piece #1 of the file's path)
{path2}  (piece #2)
{path3}  (piece #3, etc.)

Date time (time stamping) related:
{G} 	Era designator 	Text 	AD
{y} 	Year 	Year 	1996; 96
{Y} 	Week year 	Year 	2009; 09
{M} 	Month in year 	Month 	July; Jul; 07
{w} 	Week in year 	Number 	27
{W} 	Week in month 	Number 	2
{D} 	Day in year 	Number 	189
{J}     Today's Julian date 
{d} 	Day in month 	Number 	10
{F} 	Day of week in month 	Number 	2
{E} 	Day name in week 	Text 	Tuesday; Tue
{u} 	Day number of week (1 = Monday, ..., 7 = Sunday) 	Number 	1
{a} 	Am/pm marker 	Text 	PM
{H} 	Hour in day (0-23) 	Number 	0
{k} 	Hour in day (1-24) 	Number 	24
{K} 	Hour in am/pm (0-11) 	Number 	0
{h} 	Hour in am/pm (1-12) 	Number 	12
{m} 	Minute in hour 	Number 	30
{s} 	Second in minute 	Number 	55
{S} 	Millisecond 	Number 	978
{z} 	Time zone 	General time zone 	Pacific Standard Time; PST; GMT-08:00
{Z} 	Time zone 	RFC 822 time zone 	-0800
{X} 	Time zone 	ISO 8601 time zone 	-08; -0800; -08:00

{now}        Current Java epoch date time (offset from 1970 Jan 1) in milliseconds
{yesterday}  Previous calendaristic day in Java epoch time in milliseconds

Next it searches the user properties in memory about the current session:

User session properties in memory:

	{user_current_dir}  <--has the root VFS item on the dir path.
	{user_dir}  <--does not have the root VFS item on the dir path.

	when using LDAP integration
	{user_ldap_<ldap_key_name>} like {user_ldap_mail}, {user_ldap_sAMAccountName} , etc.

Overall server items:


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