The login page can be localized using the Preferences, Webinterface, Custom javascript.

window.showLanguageSelection = true; //true/false
window.showLanguageSelectionPos = "left"; //left/right
window.saveLanguageSelectionInCookie = true; //true/false
window.defaultWILanguage = "en"; //any one from : en,cs,da,nl,fr,de,hu,it,pl,es
window.detectBrowserLanguage = true; //true/false

Text strings for the login page can be changed in the Webinterface/localization/ folder files.

/*Login page specific*/
localizations.BadLoginInfoText = "Your username, or password may be incorrect, or the account may have expired.";
localizations.ServerErrorInfoText = "The server is unavailable or your IP has been banned.";
localizations.PasswordsDoNotMatchAlertText = "New passwords don't match.";
localizations.LoginAgainTitleText = "Please login again";
localizations.LoginWithNewPassText = "Login with new password";
localizations.AuthenticatingMsgText = "Authenticating...";
localizations.LoginSuccessText = "Success";
localizations.LoadingWebInterfaceText = "Loading WebInterface...";
localizations.LoginWarningText = "Warning";
localizations.MultipleBadLoginsAlertDescText = "Too many failed attempts and your IP will be banned.\r\n\r\n{msg}<br><br><div style='font-size:13px;font-weight:normal;'>Click <a style='color:white;' href='/WebInterface/jQuery/reset.html'>here</a> to reset password.</div>";
localizations.LoginFailedText = "Login Failed";
localizations.ChangePasswordGrowlTitleText = "Change Password";
localizations.UserNameText = "Username";
localizations.PasswordText = "Password";
localizations.LoginButtonText = "Login";
localizations.ForgotPasswordLinkText = "I forgot my password, email it to me.";
localizations.ChangePasswordHeaderText = "Change your password";
localizations.ChangePasswordNoteText = "You must change your password to continue";
localizations.CurrentPasswordText = "Current Password : ";
localizations.NewPasswordText = "New Password : ";
localizations.ConfirmPasswordText = "Confirm Password : ";
localizations.CancelButtonText = "Cancel";
localizations.ChanngePasswordButtonText = "Change Password";
localizations.GeneratePasswordButtonText = "Generate password";
localizations.GeneratePasswordUseButtonText = "Use this";
localizations.GeneratePasswordCancelButtonText = "Cancel";
localizations.OldBrowserNoticeHTMLAsText = 'Your browser is out of date, it was released almost a decade ago! As a result it is very slow, full of bugs, and this WebInterface may or may not even work with IE6.<br><br><div style="text-align:right;"><button id="proceedAnyway">Proceed Anyway Cautiously</button> or get a better browser:<a href="">Chrome</a> | <a href="">FireFox</a></div>';

Changing the default link on the logo can be done from the custom javascript section too:


The WebInterface after login can be customized using the Customizations list. You can change colors, hide columns, and affect many different aspects all over the WebInterface.

There is also a custom javascript section where you can add your own custom javascript to be executed. You would use this to change the localizations to another language, or to adjust other aspects of the WebInterface. Here is an example allowing you to edit the PoweredBy and Copyright text.

This section is in the user manager, use the quick jump to get to the WebInterface area, or click Show All to see hidden inherited items. Buttons can either be changed here in this file, or directly in the user manager, buttons section.

localizations.CopyrightText = "&copy; 2010 <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">CrushFTP</a>";
localizations.PoweredByText = "Powered by <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">CrushFTP</a>";


If you're wondering where you can put this customization, edit the WebInterface/localization/countrycode.js folder. This particular folder is safe from updates and changes you make to it will not be lost. Any other item you edit will be overwritten, and there is no scenario that requires altering any of the built in files in the WebInterface folder. If you think you need to, ask us, and we will tell you why you don't, and how to do what your needing to do in a safe manner.

Here is a full list of items that could be modified. You just have to add them into the above example accordingly. The syntax is important as making changes here will affect the WebInterface.

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