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CrushFTP 7 is a separate install, and requires a CrushFTP 7 license code. Prior CrushFTP versions require purchasing an upgrade code to use in CrushFTP 7. Download a fresh copy of CrushFTP 7.

CrushFTP 4 or CrushFTP 5 Upgrade:#

1.) Run your prior CrushFTP version, and uninstall the daemon or service if its installed.

2.) Copy over your users folder, and prefs.xml file from the old version to the new version's folder.

*Do not replace your WebInterface folder, the CrushFTP 6 WebInterface folder is very different, and replacing it with the older folder would break CrushFTP 7.#

3.) Run CrushFTP 7.


4.) Click Create New Admin User. Create your own admin user that will be used for managing the server. Call it 'crushadmin'.

5.) Click "Start Temporary Server". The server will now be running and ready for use as long as you keep this window open.

6.) Login using the web browser to your server using the 'crushadmin' user you just created. Click the 'Admin' button in the upper left.

7.) Go to Preferences, and click on each server item. Verify to the right that each port (FTP,HTTP,SFTP) is set to use users from the correct User Connection Group. (Probably "MainUsers" or "lookup_21".)


8.) Open the user manager, select the Convert All Users from the convert menu. (If you were already using CrushFTP 5.5 and above, this can be skipped.)


9.) Test and verify things are working on the new server. If necessary, you can add or remove server groups in the IP Servers of the server prefs.

10.) Install the daemon / service again using the main CrushFTP application.

Followup items:

Copy over your TempAccounts folder if you have been using the WebInterface 'Share...' feature.

Copy over your Previews folder so image previews don't need to be re-generated.

Copy over any custom logo images from your WebInterface folder, but do not overwrite any login.html files as CrushFTP 7 is different.

Copy over your SSL keystore if you had it in your CrushFTP folder, and update the prefs to point at the new location.

Copy over your private SSH key files for the server if they are in their default location. (ssh_host_rsa_key, ssh_host_dsa_key)
On OS X, these are in the app bundle.
On CrushFTP4, you only had a DSA key located in the "conf" folder.

CrushFTP4 upgrade troubleshooting tips.#

v4 has a bit of a mess on its user connection groups. So when you look in the folder "users" you see MainUsers, lookup_21, lookup_80, etc.

Figure out which ones are correct. MainUsers is the default location since v5. But you can use the other named folders just fine too.

In the prefs, on the tab with the list of ports, down at the bottom is a list of the user connection groups. Remove or add them as appropriate to match up with the real ones you have based on the folder names in the users folder.

Then on each port, check to see what user connection group they are configured for. Assign them appropriately.

If you haven't done this then logins may fail when you start using CrushFTP7 as it can't find the users since they aren't associated to the port you are using.

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