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This module is only available for enterprise licenses. Normal CrushFTP licenses will not allow the Attachment Redirector functionality to operate.#

You can find the Attachment_Redirector_Setup.exe in your CrushFTP WebInterface folder. You can provide a link to your users to download it from your server. For example:


When the installer is run, it asks for one parameter. It needs the server address for your server. That is the only piece of data the user must enter.


The plugin will automatically install for Outlook 2007, and above. However, Outlook 2007 is experimental as we had serious development issues in working with it. Newer versions of Outlook are fully supported.

When the plugin runs in outlook it will download its settings from your server so it knows how to operate. You need to configure these server settings ahead of time. In your WebInterface folder is a file called "AttachmentRedirectorSettings.xml". Example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <!--Basic User settings -->









  <!--Email message text for Attachments-->
    <DownloadLink1>--- {0}. {1} ; Download Link : {2}</DownloadLink1>
    <DownloadLink2>Download link : </DownloadLink2>

  <!--Error Messages -->
    <AttachmentQuestion>Attachments greater than {0} in size are being redirected to the attachment server.</AttachmentQuestion>
    <AuthorizationFailed1>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to build the Authorization Token to upload attachment(s). Error : {1}, Error Code: {2}</AuthorizationFailed1>
    <AuthorizationFailed2>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to build the Authorization Token to upload attachment(s).</AuthorizationFailed2>
    <DownloadLinkFailed1>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to build the Download link(s) for attachment(s) in message. Error : {1}, Error Code: {2}</DownloadLinkFailed1>
    <DownloadLinkFailed2>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to build the Download link(s) for attachment(s) in message.</DownloadLinkFailed2>
    <FailedToSend>Failure sending e-mail</FailedToSend>
    <FileUploadFailed1>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to upload any Attachments. Error : {1}</FileUploadFailed1>
    <FileUploadFailed2>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to upload Attachment file : {1}. Error : {2}</FileUploadFailed2>
    <LogoutFailed>Failed to logout from server after uploading attachment(s) to server.</LogoutFailed>
    <NoDownloadLink>Failed to build the Download link.</NoDownloadLink>
    <NotFoundInDrafts>Failure sending E-mail with Subject : {0}. Unable to build the message. The message may be moved or deleted from Drafts.</NotFoundInDrafts>

    <ReAttachmentNoteOnError>Note : The attachments in this message are removed and you need to re-attach the attachments.</ReAttachmentNoteOnError>

This file needs to be adjusted with Notepad or other plain text editor to set the URL for your server, username and password. The same account is shared by all users to transfer files to your server. However the files uploaded are immediately moved into a temporary holding location for the download link that is inserted in the email.

The example XML has the user/pass set to be "share" and "share". You are free to change this, but this is not a super secret user. You will restrict options in your user to keep it from being abused.

Make the user we will be using for this share operation, but do not give them a home folder. Instead designate a location where you plan for the data to go, and we will configure that in just a minute.

We suggest some basic customizations such as the screenshot shows on this user. Definitely set a limit on the expiration days because this will be used as the retention policy for the shared files.


Now we configure a "Connect" event in the events section to use a HomeDirectory plugin configuration making this user have a unique home directory at every login.

Refer to the screenshot. Notice all the items circled in red. All of these need to be set, don't miss one.


That should be it. Set your own folder location in the plugin config as you won't have the example location we showed.

Its also recommended to setup a folder monitor clearing out this home directory location of old items that are say 1 day old. That way if someone aborts a transfer part way through, those dead files will be self cleaned up within a day.

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