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__Quick Start Guide: Creating your first user, giving them access, logging in, and mapping ports.__
__Upgrade Video__\\
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__General Promotional and Quick Feature List__\\
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__Upgrading CrushFTP 4 to CrushFTP 5__
__Install Guide: Starting the app and creating an admin user.__\\
[OSX|] | [Windows|] | [Linux|]
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__Quick Start Guide: Starting and managing the basics.__\\
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__User Manager Features__
__File Management in the WebInterface__\\
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__Port Forwarding and Diagnostics Validating External Access__\\
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__Image Previews, Thumbnails, and Slideshows in the WebInterface__
__Jobs and Event Configuration__\\
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__Advanced Log Viewer and Filtering Tool__\\
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__Sharing / Publishing Files From the WebInterface__
__WebInterface Thumbnails and Previews__\\
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__Ad-Hoc File Sharing__\\
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__Capabilities and Examples of the MagicDirectory Plugin__
__Advanced User Manager Features__\\
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__DMZ Setup Guide Video__\\
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__Setting up CrushFTP on Linux__
There are also more advanced videos showing you how to use some of the WebInterface, remote administration, setting of a domain name that point to your server, using the built in reports, and a few of the plugins. They are definitely worth checking out. You will just need Quicktime 7 to view them since they are using the H.264 codec to allow for high quality in a very small size. There is no charge for the videos.
__JCE Install (Strong Cryptography)__\\
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