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There is a quick start video to get you up and running very easily with CrushFTP. The video is only a few minutes long, but it runs through everything you need to do to get your server up and running. There are also more advanced videos showing you how to use some of the WebInterface, remote administration, setting of a domain name that point to your server, using the built in reports, and a few of the plugins. They are definitely worth checking out. You will just need Quicktime 7 to view them since they are using the H.264 codec to allow for high quality in a very small size. There is no charge for the videos.
__Upgrade Video__\\
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__General Promotional and Quick Feature List__\\
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__Install Guide: Starting the app and creating an admin user.__\\
[OSX|] | [Windows|] | [Linux|]
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__Quick Start Guide: Starting and managing the basics.__\\
__File Management in the WebInterface__\\
__Port Forwarding and Diagnostics Validating External Access__\\
__Jobs and Event Configuration__\\
__Advanced Log Viewer and Filtering Tool__\\
__WebInterface Thumbnails and Previews__\\
__Ad-Hoc File Sharing__\\
__Advanced User Manager Features__\\
__DMZ Setup Guide Video__\\
__JCE Install (Strong Cryptography)__\\
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