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The Webinterface can give speeds that are equivalent to other high speed file transfer products, however with far less complexity and networking issues.
If the user has java enabled in their browser, then they can enable the lightning bolt to the left of the add files button.\\
This activates the java plugin in the browser. Then using the add files button, files are added through the advanced mode. Those items will appear with a lightning bolt to their left and will be accelerated in transfer if the tunnel steps have been completed.\\
An alternative method is to have end users use a local tunnel client on their machine. This tunnel client has an icon in the menu bar in OS X and systray on Windows.
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Once you are logged into the WebInterface, browse to the folder you want to upload into. Be sure you are in the folder, and not just using the quick expansion arrows on the sides of folders.
1.) Setup the ports, and configure the tunnel with the appropriate number of channels. **[High Speed File Transfer]**\\
2.) Create a user in the User Manager called "vpn". Don't give them access to any files, just a user called "vpn" with a pass "speed". Nothing more. Quick jump down to the tunnels section in the user and grant them access to your tunnel. Save.\\
3.) Duplicate the CrushTunnel.jnlp file in your CrushFTP folder, WebInterface folder. Call it vpn.jnlp. Edit it and change this line:
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Once in the folder, click the Upload button on the menu bar at the top of the screen. (The colors you see may be different than the screenshot.) This will load the upload panel. If you have a required form to fill out, you will need to do so before you can get to the file selection tab ("Upload Files") of the upload window.
Note how we embedded the user/pass into the jnlp file so the suer doesn't need to type these in. This user account is not granting any access other than faster connectivity.\\
4.) Give the end user a link for your tunnel. or https://. \\
5.) They click the link and run the java app locally. it shows a tunnel icon in their systray or menubar. They use that to "Launch web browser" which will open the browser to the url: which is a specific URL to go through the tunnel to your site.\\
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Here is the key choice you make. If you select the top item to "Browse" or "Choose file", then you will only get normal transfer speeds, no acceleration. You also cannot choose folders.
If you choose the "Advanced Browse…" button, then a Java applet will be loaded and present you with a file chooser to select the file to upload. Only files chosen through the "advanced" method can be accelerated. If you are not seeing good speeds on the file transfer, it likely means you did not use the advanced method to choose the file to upload.
Downloads may also be accelerated if you right click and do an "Download Advanced", or add the files to the basket, and then initiate the advanced download from the basket window. Simply clicking on a file, or doing a zip download of a file will not result in any acceleration and you will get normal file transfer speeds. You may not have the "Download Advanced" menu item, in which case just add to the basket.
You must specifically do the advanced method or no acceleration will be done. The advanced method uses a Java applet like the advanced upload does to get the accelerated transfer. If you choose the "Download Basket" instead, you will only get normal speeds.
For troubleshooting purposes, a screenshot of this upload or download window with an in progress file transfer is the best option.
That is all. They don't need to do advanced mode, their account doesn't need the tunnel (vpn has it), their transfers will now overcome latency.
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