Option #1#

An alternative method is to have end users use a local tunnel client on their machine. This tunnel client has an icon in the menu bar in OS X and systray on Windows.

1.) Setup the ports, and configure the tunnel with the appropriate number of channels. Refer to the normal guide: **High Speed File Transfer**
2.) Create a user in the User Manager called "vpn". Don't give them access to any files, just a user called "vpn" with a password of "speed". Nothing more. Quick jump down to the tunnels section in the user and grant them access to your tunnel. Save.
3.) Duplicate the CrushTunnel.jnlp file in your CrushFTP folder, WebInterface folder. Call it vpn.jnlp. Edit it and change this line:


Note how we embedded the user/pass into the jnlp file so the user doesn't need to type these in. This user account is not granting any access other than faster connectivity. It has no access to files or anything else, so it doesn't need to be secured in any special way.
4.) Give the end user a link for your tunnel. https://domain.com/WebInterface/vpn.jnlp
5.) They click the link and run the java app locally. it shows a tunnel icon in their systray or menubar. They use that to "Launch web browser" which will open the browser to the url: which is a specific URL to go through the tunnel to your site.

That is all. Their account doesn't need the tunnel (vpn has it), their transfers will now overcome latency.

Option #2#

Download CrushTunnel.exe located here and distribute it with a copy of OpenJDK 13 in a folder named "Java".
Place the tunnel.txt file in the folder with your server info configured in it.
The end user downloads the zip, extracts it and double clicks on CrushTunnel.exe.
CrushTunnel does a network launch from https://www.CrushFTP.com/WebInterface/CrushTunnel.jar and then reads in the local tunnel.txt to connect to you.

CrushTunnel.exe: attachments(info)
tunnel.txt : attachments(info)

Option #3#

Give the user a local copy of CrushTunnel.jar and a windows bat file to launch it. Tunnel.bat contents:
.\Java\bin\java.exe -jar CrushTunnel.jar script tunnel.txt

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