Citrix ShareFile supports external integration through an HTTP-based REST API.

Generate an api key using :
- the redirect url must be added (that requires that the admin should be logged in through an HTTPS, as Citrix only allows https for redirect url) like : https://www.example/?command=register_citrix_api, it also need to end with "?command=register_citrix_api".
So take your domain url, and append the "?command=register_citrix_api" to the end of it.
Now that the API is enabled, and your credentials are setup, and your redirect domain is configured, you can use the credentials in CrushFTP to get your Citrix auth token and get access.
In the User Manager, add a new remote VFS item type and set the protocol to be "Citrix".
Take your Citrix client_id and secret and combine them together with a tilde as separator:

client_id: Tx7gIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI3q3o6o
results in:

That whole long string becomes your "Client ID" to Citrix://.
Copy and paste it into the Client ID field. Then click "Get Refresh Token" to finish the config.


Give your citrix credentials when the form appears:


The password should be filed in, and you can test the connection :


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