The search configuration allows you to customize the database used for indexed searches.  You can use this to adjust usernames that are used to find the VFS areas to index, as well as configuring your own custom database to hold the search criteria.  CrushFTP will periodically keep the search DB records updated, as well as tracking renames, deletes, and uploads directly in the search DB.  The list of usernames are empty by default, and the search DB does not operate then.  The usernames are used to scan their VFS to see what they can see, and only those folders are indexed and added to the DB.  The indexing interval runs with the parameter search_index_interval in minutes.  All the other field should be left as is with their defaults.


If you want to use an alternate DB then you will need to configure these fields:\\
• search_db_driver: specify the driver you want to use like... "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"\\
• search_db_driver_file: specify the path to where the JDBC driver jar file is at like... "./mysql.jar"\\
• search_db_url: specify the URL for the connection to the DB like... "jdbc:mysql://"\\