Linked servers allow for easy management of a remote server by working from one central interface. You may not have direct access to the linked server even, but by way of another server which is linked to it to allow management, you can now control it. This is very similar to how our DMZ system works, with the exception that a linked server doesn't act like a reverse proxy which the DMZ does.

A linked server is dependent ont he controlling server to issue a start command, but after that it behaves like a normal server.

The configuration is done via a startup flags that change the behavior of CrushFTP.


Edit the wrapper.conf file in the service file and append this to it:\\

OSX / Linux / Other#

Edit the startup launcher (OSX=CrushFTP.command file in the CrushFTP folder, (Linux=/var/opt/CrushFTP8_PC/

Find the "-Xmx" which is setting the memory arguments and configure these arguments before it:
-Dcrushftp.dmz=false -Xmx.........

The default is true and makes the server into a true DMZ, but if configured to false, the server can stand on its own after the master server tells it to startup.

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