Groups in the user manager are a way to organize users into different lists.  A group by itself does not imply any inheritance of settings.  So a typical group will just organize users into a list, but there are no inheritance settings.

If you want groups and inheritance to work together, then you need to make a user who has the same name as the group.  Be careful to keep the case on the username and group name the same.

For example, if you make a user name "events_for_upload", and make a group named "events_for_upload" as well, when you add users to this group, they will also be set to inherit settings from the user "events_for_upload".  So it does both.  But if the user "events_for_upload" did not exist, its only a list of users with no inheritance.

Using this you could configure events on the user "events_for_upload", and then everyone you add into the group would get these settings.