!Notify users of expired password.\\

This task flow, needs CrushFTP 7.2.0_127 and an enterprise license to be able to use the "conditional" logic from the jump task and the math variable.\\

You need to create a new job in the jobs, tab.\\

Step1 is to read and create the UserList of the users or groups we work with.\\

So we first link a variable from the user object loaded in step 1, and parse out its date format.  Then we do a comparison with that value, versus the current date, minus 1 days worth.  If the expire time is sooner than 1 day ago, we send an email. In this task all users that have the password expiration sooner then 7 days will be notified every day for the password update.\\

Step2: We check if the user has password expiration set so that only these users will be notified.\\

Step3: Using the math variable we can determine the user expiration time from the current starting time:
{math_start:l}{parse_start:MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss aa}{expire_password_when}{parse_end}-{now}{math_end}      Less Than Or Equal     {math_start}1000*60*60*24*7{math_end}\\

Step4: true, send email, false, do nothing\\