!Allow username lookup on internal share.\\

If you would like to enable username lookup on the internal share (Enterprise licenses only), you can do it like:\\

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/sharelookupmultiple.png] \\

Create a folder called 'forms' in the CrushFTP root folder, inside that create a text file named the name of the field name...in this case: 'shareUsernames.txt'\\
At the UserManager, UserName (default for all users) in the QuickJump select Webinterface, customizations, enable the username lookup while sharing internally.\\
Then you need to make a form called "share_form" in your Preferences, WebInterface, custom forms.  It needs to have one element: "shareUsernames".  This form and text field element are just placeholders to enable this form to function with the lookup system.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/share_form.png] \\

Now that you have the form, you need a text file that will be referenced, so make a folder called "forms" in your CrushFTP main folder.  

As these are done, go to the Admin, Jobs and create a new job, and configure it like:

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/complete.png] \\

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/find.png] \\

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/delete.png] \\

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/userslist.png] \\

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/Writefile1.png] \\

The syntax for the WriteFile task should be:\\

Whatever is before the colon (:) appears in the selection list. In case you want to send e-mail notification, a second colon char is required after the {username} variable followed by the {user_email} variable:\\


If you do not have the email configured, you need uncheck the option to send email on internal shares on the share form or creating the share will fail.

Now all you have to do is, set true the Enable Username lookup while sharing files internally.

[attachments|CrushTaskExample5/ShareusersUM.png] \\