If you would like to import users from a *.CSV file, you can do it based on the following minimal user setup example.\\
Note that this option to work requires CrushFTP6.4.0_21 and above, to work.\\
The WriteFile commands might vary depending on the level of your CSV file complexity. Based on this scenario the 
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 CrushTask4 Write options.png] should all be entirely empty.\\
We suggest creating a user as you'd like, and after that edit it's files from the CrushFTP/users/MainUsers/Username folder to see what fields have you selected and set it accordingly based on this example.

On the First step we search for the .CSV that contains our users.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 find.png]\\

On the second step we enter the values, so that CrushFTP will know what values should use in what order from the given CSV.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 fileparser.png]\\

The following step needs to be done so that it ignores the file found on the first step, and uses the items from the CSV.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 ignore.png]\\

Create the user directory where the user details are stored, and NOT it's actual data.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 MKdir1.png]\\

On this step we enter the user frame, and make sure you have the 
<password>{encrypt_start}{i_password}{encrypt_end}</password>  value, that encrypts your user password, as if not you might get unsecured, and the user password could be read by anyone who opens the user.xml file.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 WriteFileUser.png]

Make sure you have the VFS folder always in uppercase, this is a base requirement.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 MKdir2.png]\\

Another requairement is to have the username with uppercase in the VFS folder, and after that you will have to set the user permissions on the VFS as: \\
<item name="/{upper_start}{i_username}{upper_end}/">(read)(write)(view)(delete)(deletedir)(makedir)(rename)(resume)(share)(slideshow)</item>
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 WriteFileVFS.png]\\

On the next process we use the HomeFolder path from your CSV and add the users folder to it, where the users actual data will be stored.\\
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 MKdir3.png]\\

[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 WriteFileHomeFolder.png]\\