If you would like to import users from a *.CSV file, you can do it based on the following minimal user setup example.

Note that the WriteFile commands might vary depending on the level of your CSV file complexity.
We suggest creating a user as you'd like, and after that edit it's files from the CrushFTP/users/MainUsers/Username folder to see what fields have you selected and set it accordingly based on this example.

On the First step we search for the .CSV that contains our users.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 find.png]

On the second step we enter the values, so that CrushFTP will know what values should use in what order from the given CSV.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 fileparser.png]

The following step needs to be done so that it ignores the file found on the first step, and uses the items from the CSV.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 ignore.png]

Create the user directory where the user details are stored, and NOT it's actual data.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 MKdir1.png]

On this step we enter the user frame, and make sure you have the 
<password>{encrypt_start}{i_password}{encrypt_end}</password>  value, that encrypts your user password, as if not you might get unsecured, and the user password could be read by anyone who opens the user.xml file.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 WriteFileUser.png]

Make sure you have the VFS folder always in uppercase, this is a base requirement.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 MKdir2.png]

Another requairement is to have the username with uppercase in the VFS folder, and after that you will have to set the user permissions on the VFS as: 
<item name="/{upper_start}{i_username}{upper_end}/">(read)(write)(view)(delete)(deletedir)(makedir)(rename)(resume)(share)(slideshow)</item>
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 WriteFileVFS.png]

On the next process we use the HomeFolder path from your CSV and add the users folder to it, where the users actual data will be stored.
[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 MKdir3.png]

[attachments|CrushTaskExample4/CrushTask4 WriteFileHomeFolder.png]