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;Check for New Versions: toggle on/off and set the frequency of checking for new versions on our update repository; requires outbound Internet access to crushftp.com over HTTPS
;Auto IP discovery refresh interval in minutes: toggle on/off and set the frequency of visiting http://checkip.dyndns.org/ to check the public IP of the server. 
;List zip app: N/A
;DMZ only listens for connections from master ServerBeat server: in the specific cluster scenario when multiple Main nodes set up with ServerBeat map to a single DMZ proxy, toggles the DMZ node to only listen to the ServerBeat Master node. Takes effect only on a DMZ instance. This particular use scenario is fit for specific purpose, generally not recommanded. 
;Restart Command  : N/A
;Site acknowledgement: N/A
;Geo ip access key: the geoIP map on the Dashboard requires an active subscription to https://ipstack.com/. Input here the API key 
!!Date time related:
;MDTM GMT: use GMT instead of server time to set the uplaoded files' time stamp. 
;Show Date-Time: toggle displaying server time on the admin GUI
;Log Date / Time Format: date time format string for log lines' time stamp
;WebDAV Timezone Offset: offset the date modified metaparameter of files uploaded over WebDAV
!!Security related:
;Slow Down Hack Attempt Scans: will incrementally slow down responses to clients that appear to be a robot scanning for writable directories on your server.
;Default 'owner' of settings files: applies only under UNIX-like operating systems. By default the daemon will run as root, can change the owner of our config files (chown)
;Default 'group' of settings files: same as above, sets the group (chgrp)
;Pre-check PGP decrypt on the fly downloads: N/A
;Remember invalid usernames for x seconds: sets the time interval to cache usernames attempted with bad password. When using the LDAP Group or other identity integration plugins, this parameter needs always to be set 0
;Trusted IP Parts: in case of CrushTunnel or other proxied scenarios where the user's source IP may not match exactly every time, such as different proxy servers getting used and the source IP changes. 
!!FTP specific,global:
;Always do RETR in BINARY: Force download to binary mode always
;Always do STOR in BINARY: Force upload to binary always
;Allow extended passive and port commands (EPSV/EPRT): enables the IPv6 extensions for FTP as per rfc2428
;Allow local passive IP: toggles inclusion of the local server IPs in the passive IP detection logic. 
;Allow MLST: enable rfc3659 extensions for FTP
;Allow listing subdirectories via LIST: N/A
;File transfer mode: default value BINARY, keep it that way, except when simulating some obsolete mainframe class FTP server
;RFC Proxy: tries to pass through proxied FTP responses directly instead of interpretation.
;Server Start Message: sets a global welcome message
!!HTTP/S specific,global:
;Disable Referer Cookie: obsolete, to be removed. Superseeded by Referrer-Policy security header, can apply that on our [CSP|CSP] page
;HTTP Redirect Base: default value DISABLED, clear when using one of our SSO integration plugins. 
!!SFTP specific, global:
;Allow 0 byte SSH file: workaround to allow touch 
;Recurse SFTP Delete: workaround to allow recursive delete of directories
!!File folder access/listings and processing related:
;Allow Directory Caching: memcache dir listings for faster response, reduces CPU usage with the expense of higher memory usage
;Use 'Is-la' for directory listings (OSX, Unix, Linux): use OS native commands to generate dir listings to honor file system level permissions. Slow and CPU intensive. Required when using POSIX options.  
;Count folder items: toggle counting subfolders when display the number of items in a directory, over the client Webinterface. 
;Case sensitive list search: toggle between case sensitive directory search over the client Webinterface
;Create home folder: workaround for orphaned VFS, will create recursively the physical directories on first upload
;Fix Slashes: N/A
;Instant chmod: N/A 
;Sort Listings: toggles displaying a dir listing in ascending alphabetical order. By default, we'll display the listing in natural order, as the storage backend presents it to us.
;POSIX: for user uploads and files processed by Jobs, toggles the default UNIX file system level owner and group same as set in "Default 'owner' of settings files" and "Default 'group' of settings files: ". Can be overridden by per user POSIX. 
;Zip Compression Level: sets the compression level for zip downloads 
;Zip64: toggles support for Zip64 compression for large files. Default zip is limited to 4GB per block. 
;Zip64 Always: forces Zip64 for all zip downloads.
;Disable MDTM modifications: disallow the uploading client to set custom date modified. Applies to all transport protocols.
;Allow '.zipstream' Expansion: Zip files with .zipstream extension will automatically be unarchived on upload.   
;Delete partial uploads: complements the per user temporary extension feature. If both enabled, the server will cleanup partial files after an interrupted upload. 
;Allow Magic '.filetree' Download: N/A
;Unsafe filename characters: URL-unsafe special characters, like /,\,*,%,: will cause the server to be unable to list uplaoded files, or not to save to disk at all. Can define a custom list of characters to be automatically replaced with a safe special character, like - or _
;Replace unsafe filename characters with: define the replacement special character.
!!User accounts related:
;Default privs for new VFS items in User Manager: can change the default read only VFS permissions . Accepted values:
(read)      - Download
(write)     - Upload
(view)      - List directory content
(delete)    - Delete file
(deletedir) - Delete folder
(makedir)   - Create folder
(rename)    - Rename file
(resume)    - Resume file transfer
(share)     - Allow Share/Publish
(slideshow) - Allow playback of image files as slide show in the Webinterface
(invisible) - Hide folder with all of it's contents
(replicate) - In case of a cluster with file replication, toggle replication
(locked)    - Prevent changes on that directory level
;Track Last Logins: keep the most recent login date time stored by the user accounts database. Can cause user corruption on slow disks.
;Keep x backups of users in User Manager: the amount of backup copies to store of each user account. 
;Force Lowercase Usernames: store user names in all lowercase by the user accounts database. 
!!Performance related:
;Allow re-use in Email Events: allows you to have multiple email Events that all include the same notifications on files. Obsolete feature that complements the old email template based Events. We recommand CrushTask Email events, with chained Email tasks instead.
;Run Events Asynchronously: Async events run on a separate thread from the event hook. This option forces all events set to Auto to run async. Can be overridden on a per user basis.
;Maximum jobs to scan for job monitor: limits the number of jobs history displayed on teh Jobs page "Active Jobs" panel.
;Max Threads: limits the global server thread pool size. 
;Max items before CrushFTP tries to trigger an alert and logs errors about giant directories which may cause memory issues: operating on huge directory structures is memory intensive, can set a threshold to warn the user
!!Amazon S3 storage protocol specific:
Defaults are fine, do not change these, unless specifically recommanded by us.
;Max Download Buffer : N/A
;Download Threads : N/A
;Upload Buffer : N/A
;Upload Threads : N/A
;Download Buffer : N/A
;Replicated: N/A
;Disable uploads in progress and resume: N/A