; Dashboard Data Flow: Show visually where data is coming and going at a glance on the admin dashboard.\\
; CrushClient app: New stand alone app with a familiar UI for file transfer supporting drag and drop and many protocols with advanced features.\\
; CrushSync app: New stand alone app which simplifies end user installation and startup.\\
; CrushFTPDrive app: New stand alone app which simplifies how to run CrushFTPDrive and utilizes improved FUSE filesystem mechanisms for macOS and Windows.\\
; CrushTunnel app: New stand alone app which simplifies distribution and launching of CrushTunnel.\\
; Office365 OAuth: Support for new OAuth requirements with Office 365.\\
; Admin Changes Alert: update object alert for notifications about admin changes which can trigger an email action.\\
; User settings search: Search for user config setting in the User Manager\\
; [TFTP] support: Support for files up to 32MB and can proxy the [TFTP] data to external locations.\\
; Remote Certs, PGP keys, and SSH keys: Store your private secure keys and certificates on external servers and CrushFTP can retrieve them when needed.\\
; Login hammer : user level settings to control how much hammering is allowed.\\
; UnZip task filtering: Task can filter out files to only unzip files matching a pattern.\\
; DMZv5 support: Improved DMZ communication that works with firewalls that interfere with normal CrushFTP to DMZ communication.\\
; Admin API commands:getRestartShutdownIdleStatus,restartIdle,shutdownIdle,stopLogins,startLogins \\
; OneDrive: Support for OneDrive backend VFS for task and user manager VFS.\\
; SharePoint: Support for SharePoint backend VFS for task and user manager VFS.\\
; Box: Support for Box.net backend VFS for task and user manager VFS.\\
; Job Change Alert : New Job Changes alert can trigger when admins make changes to jobs for an email action.\\
; New SMB3: Added new SMB libraries that handle all the SMB scenarios out there for file storage.\\
; Open files / Max files counts: Admin dashboard now tracks the file count history to easily spot future issues.\\
; Reverse event notifications: Reverse events for users who have access to a particular folder someone else modified.\\