!!This module is only available for enterprise licenses.  Normal CrushFTP licenses will not allow the CrushDrop functionality to operate.

You can download the CrushDrop Attachment Redirector app here:\\

macOS: [https://www.crushftp.com/early10/CrushDrop/CrushDrop_macOS.zip]\\
Windows: [https://www.crushftp.com/early10/CrushDrop/CrushDrop_windows.exe]\\
An Electron based full replacement for the aged Attachment Redirector application, now running in OS-native code. \\
To install it, download the package for your OS platform, run it, set the login credentials and URL pointing to your CrushFTP server. HTTPS requires a valid SSL certificate, or CrushDrop will refuse to connect. \\
No server side configurations required any more.\\
[{Image src='crushdrop1.jpg' width='50%' height='..' align='left' style='..' class='..' }]\\
To use it, click the tray icon to raise the drag and drop panel, drag files onto\\
[{Image src='crushdrop2.jpg' width='75%' height='..' align='left' style='..' class='..' }]