Version 8.0.4

What's New?

CrushFTP 8.0.4 has been released!

Minor bug fixes since the release of v8 with new features.

CrushFTP 8.0.4 - 12/03/2016

Fixes: _0:fix for HTML5 uploads

CrushFTP 8.0.3 - 11/30/2016
_3:Updated SFTP libraries to latest version
_5:added support for hack username patterns
_6:added ability to email on change of email, or password change

Fixes: 8.0.2: fix for upload bug
_1:fix for working behind a reverse proxy and upload fixes
_2:fix for proxy errors
_4:fix for viewing some logs with bad data
_5:fix for folder monitor finds
_6:fix for download on the fly pgp decryption
_7:fixes for new HTML5 uploader, UI, tiny files, resume, error recovery
_8:fix for missing form items in uploads for events
_9:fix for SFTP sessions not being cleared out on close
_10:fix for username reset password token lookup
_11:fix for renaming in a dir without view access
_12:fix for new users in the user manager with custom emailing forms
_13:fix for job monitor role being able to see older prior run versions of the job.
_14:fix for leaving session references in SFTP
_15:fix for admin action trying to delete non existing item
_16:fix for SFTP sessions leaking and causing out of memory errors

CrushFTP 8.0.2 - 10/25/2016

- HTML5 based upload system with 4x faster upload speeds, resume support, and auto retry.
- Federating servers...multiple servers linked into one Linked Servers, managed and monitored from the master server.
- Limited Server allows for a server to run with restricted filesystem access for "user data" and "server config" areas.
- Server memory can be set from the dashboard now
- User data can now be replicated to another server via a journaled replication system
- Recycle bin now resets the date for easier time based cleanup
- UI improvements to CrushSync systray/menu item for quick access
- updated SFTP libraries for more modern ciphers and architecture
- updated threading model for higher performance connection handling
- GoogleDrive for VFS data storage is supported now
- copy task items between jobs
- Job monitoring by user or group support
- support for job organization in job groups
- Dropped old plugins: PostBack,LaunchProcess,AutoUnzip. CrushTask replaces all of them.
- updated reports UI, more enhancements coming
- CrushClient local agent is a new tool which now has an advanced CrushClientUI
- improved slideshow playback for large folders with thousands of images
- support for password based encryption in PGP files instead of key based
- allow editing SSH port setting changes without disconnecting current users
- supports the proxy protocol v1 header for servers behind load balancers that want to know the user's true IP
- allows for changing speed limits on the fly for existing connections
- files can now be locked, unlocked for more of a content management system
- allows an end user the ability to download a prior revision of a file that has been replaced
- reports can be run at hourly intervals
- IPv6 support for IP banning and limiting connections for ports or users
- Ability to delegate a Linked Job out to a CrushClient running as an agent in managed mode.
- jQuery library updates
- Telnet debug utility available on all admin areas
- Previewing a video file can play a lower resolution pre-generated file instead of the full version.