• Everything is now web based (administration, user monitoring, jobs, reports, user manager, preferences).
  • CrushSync client application real-time replication and synchronization (delta transfers, high speed tunnel integration).
  • WebInterface supports movie thumbnails, including ability to hover over thumbnail and see multiple frames from the movie.
  • WebInterface can play movie files, and mp3 files directly in the browser.
  • PGP in-stream encryption / decryption on a per folder level in the VFS.
  • Many new CrushTask plugin items
    • HTTP POST/GET can be done with information about the upload, or download
    • PGP encryption or decryption on files
    • POP3/IMAP support to pull files out of email attachments and do things with them
    • Users list can find users, and repeatedly call a task with variables from that user (such as pulling in attachments from emails accounts for all users).
  • Multiple administrators can work simultaneously on the server.
  • Share files/folders between users in CrushFTP without temp links and expirations.
  • Indexed searches for faster results in the WebInterface.
  • Uses built in tools for OS X in building icon, and movie thumbnails.
  • Reverse proxy where CrushFTP is the reverse proxy, and other app servers are behind CrushFTP.
  • VFS back end has been rewritten supporting proxying to servers running FTP(s)/SFTP/HTTP(s)/WebDAV.
  • WebInterface has a count down timer for when your session expires.
  • Updates can be applied with a single click.
  • Radius plugin for authentication against Radius servers.
  • Web API calls can be done for custom controls over server administration.

General overview video showing some of these features.

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